Tight End


By Penalty

Penalties commited by players playing the Tight End position during the 2013 season.

False Start67318373000
Illegal Block Above the Waist8744400
Offensive Holding70664393170
Illegal Motion150120
Offensive 12 On-field150100
Offensive Pass Interference141408620
Unsportsmanlike Conduct3450300
Unnecessary Roughness4601300
Illegal Touch Kick101000
Illegal Formation4202210
Defensive Offside150100
Personal Foul1150100
Illegal Shift2102000
Roughing the Kicker1151000
Ineligible Downfield Kick151000
Face Mask (15 Yards)3451200
Illegal Use of Hands180100
Offensive Offside151000
Low Block1151000
Roughing the Passer1131000
Defensive Holding000010
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