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Intentional Grounding


A forward pass is thrown intentionally incomplete so that the passer avoids loss of yardage or to conserve time. Exceptions Not assessed if the ball is spiked. If the quarterback has moved outside of the area between his offensive tackles (the "tackle box"), there is no foul for grounding the ball if the quarterback throws the ball past the line of scrimmage.


10 yards or spot of foul, whichever is farther from the original line of scrimmage, and loss of down. If the foul occurs in the end zone, the play is ruled a safety.

2013 Stats

Totals By Referee/Crew

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 TotalPer Game
Bill Leavy162260020.131.630.000.000.13
Bill Vinovich162280200.131.750.000.130.00
Carl Cheffers162330110.
Clete Blakeman161120100.060.750.000.060.00
Ed Hochuli161170100.
Gene Steratore167850250.445.310.000.130.31
Jeff Triplette163450120.192.810.000.060.13
Jerome Boger153321120.
John Parry153310210.
Mike Carey151130010.070.870.000.000.07
Pete Morelli162300020.131.880.000.000.13
Ron Winter151100100.070.670.000.070.00
Scott Green153370120.202.470.000.070.13
Terry McAulay172220110.
Tony Corrente162230110.131.440.000.060.06
Walt Anderson162200110.
Walt Coleman154440400.272.930.000.270.00