NFL Penalties - 2014 League Penalty Stats

League Totals

Note: "Beneficiary" means the team's opponent was called for the penalty. Offsetting and Declined penalties are not included in total count or yards.
Overall TotalPer Game
TeamPenalty CountPenalty YardsBeneficiary CountBeneficiary YardsNet CountNet YardsPre-snap CountDeclinedOffsettingPenalty CountPenalty YardsBeneficiary CountBeneficiary YardsPre-snap CountDeclinedOffsetting
Green Bay3930346423712010425.5743.296.5760.431.430.570.29
New Orleans33300494041610412605.5508.1767.33210
Kansas City29247383359888414.8341.176.3355.831.330.670.17
New England6359040382-23-2081683984.295.7154.572.291.140.43
N.Y. Jets5147046424-5-4622607.2967.146.5760.573.140.860
St. Louis4644533256-13-18915717.6774.175.542.672.51.170.17
San Francisco5948055378-4-102161028.4368.577.86542.291.430.29
Tampa Bay4736143415-454201037.8360.177.1769.173.331.670.5
N.Y. Giants4332148436511515306.1445.866.8662.292.140.430
San Diego484636652618631161657.888.2565.751.380.750.13

Penalty Counts

Note: The number in parentheses is number of penalties per game. "Beneficiary" means the team's opponent was called for the penalty. Declined and Offsetting penalties are ignored.
NameCountCount Per GameTotal YardsYards Per GameFewest FlagsWorst OffenderBiggest BeneficiarySmallest BeneficiaryOffsettingDeclined
Chop Block30.028440.4113 Tied - HOU, JAC, NE (0.143)3 Tied - HOU, JAC, NE (0.143)3 Tied - CIN, OAK, PHI (0.167)3 Tied - CIN, OAK, PHI (0.167)00
Clipping30.028350.3273 Tied - DEN, JAC, SF (0.143)3 Tied - DEN, JAC, SF (0.143)2 Tied - ARI, KC (0.167)Tennessee (0.143)00
Defensive 12 On-field220.206920.86San Diego (0.125)2 Tied - CLE, OAK (0.5)Green Bay (0.571)San Diego (0.125)40
Defensive Holding1050.9815184.8413 Tied - NYJ, PIT, SF (0.143)Cleveland (1.333)6 Tied - DEN, DET, MIN, NYJ, PIT, SF (0.857)2 Tied - BUF, NE (0.143)516
Defensive Offside570.5332732.5516 Tied - BAL, CHI, MIN, NE, NYG, WAS (0.143)Indianapolis (0.714)2 Tied - JAC, MIN (0.714)7 Tied - BAL, CHI, DAL, DEN, DET, IND, SF (0.143)242
Defensive Pass Interference1020.953195318.2523 Tied - CHI, JAC, NYG (0.143)Tennessee (1.143)2 Tied - BAL, NYG (1.143)3 Tied - ATL, NYJ, TEN (0.143)93
Delay of Game610.572922.729San Diego (0.125)San Francisco (0.714)Philadelphia (0.833)San Diego (0.125)40
Disqualification20.019300.282 Tied - CAR, IND (0.143)2 Tied - CAR, IND (0.143)Cincinnati (0.167)Green Bay (0.143)05
Encroachment220.2061060.991San Diego (0.125)Tampa Bay (0.833)Miami (0.5)San Diego (0.125)00
Face Mask (15 Yards)360.3364864.54211 Tied - ATL, BAL, BUF, CAR, CHI, DEN, DET, GB, HOU, NYJ, WAS (0.143)Pittsburgh (0.857)Tampa Bay (0.833)San Diego (0.125)21
Fair Catch Interference10.009150.14Arizona (0.167)Arizona (0.167)Washington (0.143)Washington (0.143)00
False Start2522.355121911.393Jacksonville (0.429)Seattle (2)Detroit (2.143)Seattle (0.167)30
Horse Collar Tackle80.0751030.9632 Tied - CHI, IND (0.143)St. Louis (0.5)2 Tied - PHI, TB (0.333)4 Tied - BUF, HOU, JAC, SF (0.143)01
Illegal Blindside Block30.028340.3182 Tied - IND, MIN (0.143)New Orleans (0.167)Philadelphia (0.167)2 Tied - DET, GB (0.143)00
Illegal Block Above the Waist390.3643423.196San Diego (0.125)Pittsburgh (0.571)Tampa Bay (0.5)6 Tied - BAL, BUF, GB, IND, SF, TEN (0.143)33
Illegal Contact480.4492382.224San Diego (0.125)San Francisco (0.857)Arizona (1.167)8 Tied - BUF, DEN, HOU, IND, NYG, NYJ, SF, WAS (0.143)162
Illegal Formation150.14750.7017 Tied - CHI, HOU, IND, NYJ, PIT, SF, WAS (0.143)Buffalo (0.429)Houston (0.286)San Diego (0.125)132
Illegal Forward Pass30.028150.14N.Y. Jets (0.143)2 Tied - CLE, KC (0.167)2 Tied - BAL, DEN (0.143)San Diego (0.125)00
Illegal Motion40.037200.187Denver (0.143)3 Tied - CIN, OAK, PHI (0.167)2 Tied - ARI, STL (0.167)2 Tied - CAR, NYJ (0.143)30
Illegal Shift60.056300.282 Tied - DEN, DET (0.143)Cleveland (0.333)New Orleans (0.167)5 Tied - BAL, CAR, GB, PIT, SF (0.143)20
Illegal Substitution120.112600.5618 Tied - BUF, CHI, GB, IND, JAC, NE, NYG, PIT (0.143)Dallas (0.286)2 Tied - DAL, TEN (0.286)San Diego (0.125)21
Illegal Touch Kick10.00950.047Minnesota (0.143)Minnesota (0.143)Buffalo (0.143)Buffalo (0.143)00
Illegal Touch Pass30.028150.14Detroit (0.143)Chicago (0.286)3 Tied - ATL, NYG, SF (0.143)3 Tied - ATL, NYG, SF (0.143)00
Illegal Use of Hands820.7665615.2434 Tied - BUF, DAL, HOU, JAC (0.143)Detroit (1)2 Tied - NO, WAS (1)5 Tied - CAR, DEN, GB, NE, TEN (0.143)207
Ineligible Downfield Kick20.019100.0932 Tied - DET, TEN (0.143)2 Tied - DET, TEN (0.143)Kansas City (0.167)N.Y. Giants (0.143)00
Ineligible Downfield Pass80.075400.3747 Tied - DAL, DEN, HOU, IND, JAC, PIT, WAS (0.143)Arizona (0.167)3 Tied - KC, OAK, PHI (0.167)5 Tied - BAL, DAL, DEN, NYG, TEN (0.143)20
Intentional Grounding140.1311651.5427 Tied - CAR, DAL, DET, GB, NE, NYJ, TEN (0.143)Oakland (0.333)San Diego (0.375)5 Tied - CHI, JAC, MIN, NYJ, TEN (0.143)11
Interference with Opportunity to Catch10.009150.14Chicago (0.143)Chicago (0.143)Carolina (0.143)Carolina (0.143)00
Kickoff Out of Bounds000001
Low Block10.009150.14Detroit (0.143)Detroit (0.143)Green Bay (0.143)Green Bay (0.143)00
Neutral Zone Infraction510.4772512.346San Diego (0.125)Philadelphia (0.667)Washington (0.857)7 Tied - ATL, BUF, CAR, DET, MIN, NE, SF (0.143)10
Offensive 12 On-field40.037200.1872 Tied - CAR, NYJ (0.143)2 Tied - CLE, SEA (0.167)2 Tied - NO, STL (0.167)San Diego (0.125)00
Offensive Holding2732.551262624.542Arizona (0.667)Dallas (2.143)Washington (2.286)Carolina (0.571)4220
Offensive Offside30.028150.142 Tied - PIT, WAS (0.143)Tampa Bay (0.167)Philadelphia (0.167)2 Tied - JAC, PIT (0.143)01
Offensive Pass Interference420.3934103.8323 Tied - IND, JAC, MIN (0.143)St. Louis (0.667)Minnesota (0.571)6 Tied - CHI, DET, GB, IND, NYG, NYJ (0.143)122
Offside on Free Kick110.103550.5147 Tied - BUF, CHI, DET, PIT, SF, TEN, WAS (0.143)New England (0.286)Miami (0.333)8 Tied - CAR, DAL, DEN, GB, IND, JAC, MIN, WAS (0.143)02
Personal Foul290.2713593.355San Diego (0.125)Baltimore (0.571)Cincinnati (0.667)5 Tied - DAL, GB, PIT, SF, TEN (0.143)07
Player Out of Bounds on Punt20.019100.093Pittsburgh (0.143)Philadelphia (0.167)Cleveland (0.167)N.Y. Giants (0.143)10
Roughing the Kicker20.019290.271Detroit (0.143)St. Louis (0.167)2 Tied - MIN, NYG (0.143)2 Tied - MIN, NYG (0.143)00
Roughing the Passer420.3935905.5144 Tied - BUF, DET, MIN, TEN (0.143)St. Louis (0.5)Buffalo (0.714)9 Tied - DAL, DET, IND, MIN, NE, NYJ, PIT, SF, WAS (0.143)10
Running Into the Kicker20.019100.0932 Tied - GB, NYG (0.143)2 Tied - GB, NYG (0.143)Seattle (0.167)Atlanta (0.143)30
Taunting70.065950.8885 Tied - ATL, GB, PIT, TEN, WAS (0.143)2 Tied - CLE, STL (0.167)Tampa Bay (0.333)3 Tied - MIN, NYJ, PIT (0.143)02
Tripping30.028300.282 Tied - DET, JAC (0.143)Seattle (0.167)2 Tied - CAR, DAL (0.143)San Diego (0.125)00
Unnecessary Roughness680.6369308.6926 Tied - ATL, BAL, GB, HOU, IND, JAC (0.143)2 Tied - SF, TEN (0.857)Chicago (0.714)4 Tied - BUF, IND, JAC, NE (0.143)04
Unsportsmanlike Conduct250.2343383.159San Diego (0.125)Green Bay (0.429)Tampa Bay (0.5)6 Tied - BUF, CAR, CHI, NE, NYG, SF (0.143)12

Penalties By Week

Note: Offsetting and Declined penalties are ignored, except where specified.
Overall TotalPer Game
WeekGamesTotal CountPenalty YardsHomeAwayDeclinedOffsettingTotal CountPenalty YardsHomeAwayDeclinedOffsetting