Defensive Back


By Penalty

Penalties commited by players playing the Defensive Back position during the 2013 season.

Illegal Contact301451614120
Defensive Holding1376605978352
Offensive Holding74623373750
Unnecessary Roughness941231445020
Face Mask (15 Yards)24321101400
Defensive Pass Interference2263873105121210
Personal Foul30412151512
Illegal Block Above the Waist37332231430
Low Block1111000
Defensive Offside2510919671
Neutral Zone Infraction6303310
False Start5243200
Horse Collar Tackle121588410
Illegal Touch Kick9155400
Running Into the Kicker4202230
Illegal Use of Hands13707650
Illegal Substitution2101100
Unsportsmanlike Conduct171828900
Roughing the Passer121566600
Illegal Blindside Block2210210
Defensive 12 On-field151000
Illegal Formation5253200
Offside on Free Kick3152100
Roughing the Kicker1150100
Illegal Forward Pass150100
Invalid Fair Catch Signal111000
Player Out of Bounds on Punt7365200
Fair Catch Interference6752400
Illegal Motion150100
Illegal Kick000010
Offensive Offside150100
Interference with Opportunity to Catch2302000
Defensive Delay of Game2102000
Chop Block1150100
Illegal Bat000010
Delay of Game151000
Illegally Kicking Ball1100100
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