Wide Receiver


By Penalty

Penalties commited by players playing the Wide Receiver position during the 2014 season.

False Start59295332610
Personal Foul81104412
Illegal Use of Hands3282100
Offensive Holding45439271831
Offensive Pass Interference727053735234
Horse Collar Tackle1151000
Offside on Free Kick2101100
Illegal Shift7353420
Unnecessary Roughness121756602
Face Mask (15 Yards)111527410
Illegal Block Above the Waist1918391010
Illegal Touch Pass3151210
Illegal Formation7353401
Illegal Motion4204040
Offensive 12 On-field150100
Unsportsmanlike Conduct1521551022
Delay of Game4201300
Player Out of Bounds on Punt3152100
Low Block1150100
Offensive Offside3152100
Interference with Opportunity to Catch1151000
Illegal Forward Pass000001
Neutral Zone Infraction150100
Defensive Holding1101000
Invalid Fair Catch Signal3152100
Illegal Substitution150100
Fair Catch Interference1150100
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