Wide Receiver


By Penalty

Penalties commited by players playing the Wide Receiver position during the 2018 season.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct91247200
Offensive Pass Interference252441510105
Illegal Block Above the Waist1918411820
Offensive Holding33327191420
Unnecessary Roughness3341201
Illegal Motion4201311
Illegal Formation7353420
False Start32160191300
Illegal Shift6304240
Illegal Crackback2301100
Illegal Touch Pass101000
Running Into the Kicker151000
Defensive Offside000030
Horse Collar Tackle000001
Kick Catch Interference2301100
Delay of Game2100200
Fair Catch Interference1151000
Face Mask (15 Yards)2301100
Offside on Free Kick2100200
Illegal Blindside Block1151001
Illegal Touch Kick150100
Illegal Forward Pass101000
Ineligible Downfield Kick150100
Illegal Bat000001
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