New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills - 09/13/2020

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The New York Jets committed 9 penalties for 95 yards. They were flagged a total of 10 times.

The Buffalo Bills committed 7 penalties for 80 yards. They were flagged a total of 7 times.

Together there were 16 penalties for 175 yards. There were 17 total flags in this game.

Penalty Log

Illegal Block Above the Waist9N.Y. JetsD.Brown115:0000NoNoNo
Defensive Holding3N.Y. JetsP.Desir105:4935NoNoNo
Face Mask (15 Yards)15BuffaloG.Davis105:21410NoNoYes
Defensive Pass Interference33N.Y. JetsP.Desir105:03210NoNoNo
Neutral Zone Infraction5N.Y. JetsT.Basham102:4129NoNoNo
Defensive Offside5N.Y. JetsQ.Williams209:5534NoNoNo
Delay of Game5N.Y. JetsJ.Ihedigbo206:48110NoNoNo
Offensive Holding0N.Y. JetsM.Becton206:48115YesNoNo
Defensive Holding5BuffaloA.Klein200:23210NoNoYes
Offensive Holding10BuffaloM.Morse309:27110NoNoYes
Defensive Pass Interference12N.Y. JetsN.Hairston308:1437NoNoNo
Roughing the Passer15N.Y. JetsQ.Williams303:24212NoNoNo
Face Mask (15 Yards)15BuffaloM.Addison415:00215NoNoYes
False Start5BuffaloC.Ford409:0829NoNoYes
Offensive Holding10BuffaloQ.Spain405:53110NoNoYes
Roughing the Passer8N.Y. JetsT.Basham405:30120NoNoNo
Defensive Pass Interference20BuffaloL.Wallace401:09110NoNoYes

Play By Play

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