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This is all players that had at least 2 accepted penalties during the 2010 playoffs. Players are shown 25 at a time, use the paging at the bottom of the table to view them all.

Offsetting and declined penalties are not counted in the 'Penalty Count' column. Penalties per game are calculated using team games and do not attempt to account for how many games that player actually got into.

% of team is the percentage of his team's penalties the player is responsible for.


Penalty Counts

NamePosTeamPenalty CtYdsDeclinedOffsettingTotal FlagsPre-SnapCt/GameYds/Game% of TeamPenalties
W.JusticeTPhiladelphia32010430.181.182.94False Start (2), Offensive Holding (1), Illegal Formation (1)
T.JenningsDBChicago34300300.172.392.78Defensive Pass Interference (3)
T.WilliamsDBGreen Bay32900300.151.453.03Defensive Pass Interference (1), Defensive Holding (1), Unnecessary Roughness (1)
K.FoxLBPittsburgh32800310.161.472.50False Start (1), Offensive Holding (1), Unnecessary Roughness (1)
C.KemoeatuGPittsburgh22500200.111.321.67Unnecessary Roughness (1), Illegal Block Above the Waist (1)
D.LeeTEGreen Bay21500210.100.752.02False Start (1), Offensive Holding (1)
I.TaylorCBPittsburgh21500200.110.791.67Defensive Holding (1), Defensive Pass Interference (1)
B.RoethlisbergerQBPittsburgh21000220.110.531.67Delay of Game (2)
R.HarperSSNew Orleans2800200.120.472.08Defensive Pass Interference (1), Defensive Holding (1)
F.OmiyaleTChicago21000220.110.561.85False Start (2)
A.CromartieDBN.Y. Jets21000200.110.531.74Illegal Use of Hands (1), Defensive Holding (1)
A.RodgersQBGreen Bay21000220.100.502.02Delay of Game (2)
C.TillmanDBChicago21200200.110.671.85Defensive Pass Interference (1), Illegal Contact (1)
D.FergusonTN.Y. Jets21000220.110.531.74False Start (2)
C.ClemonsDESeattle22000210.111.111.82Unnecessary Roughness (1), Defensive Offside (1)
B.CelekTEPhiladelphia21500200.120.881.47Offensive Holding (1), Illegal Touch Pass (1)
D.ColledgeGGreen Bay21500210.100.752.02Offensive Holding (1), False Start (1)
R.WilsonDBChicago21100200.110.611.85Offensive Holding (2)
C.OwensDBAtlanta2700200.120.413.08Defensive Pass Interference (1), Illegal Contact (1)
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