Dallas Cowboys @ Los Angeles Rams - 09/13/2020

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The Dallas Cowboys committed 7 penalties for 50 yards. They were flagged a total of 7 times.

The Los Angeles Rams committed 5 penalties for 34 yards. They were flagged a total of 5 times.

Together there were 12 penalties for 84 yards. There were 12 total flags in this game.

Penalty Log

Neutral Zone Infraction5DallasD.Lawrence115:00110NoNoNo
Neutral Zone Infraction5DallasE.Griffen108:1627NoNoNo
Illegal Block Above the Waist10DallasC.Lamb215:00210NoNoNo
False Start5DallasT.Smith212:4524NoNoNo
Intentional Grounding10St. LouisJ.Goff209:00110NoNoYes
Neutral Zone Infraction5DallasE.Griffen208:54220NoNoNo
Offensive Pass Interference10DallasD.Schultz201:02110NoNoNo
Ineligible Downfield Pass5St. LouisA.Whitworth309:49110NoNoYes
Defensive Pass Interference4St. LouisM.Kiser303:1125NoNoYes
False Start5St. LouisJ.Hollins300:3143NoNoYes
Illegal Block Above the Waist10St. LouisR.Woods407:4132NoNoYes
Offensive Pass Interference10DallasM.Gallup400:31310NoNoNo

Play By Play

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