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Defensive Pass Interference

To view defensive pass interference penalties by the pass catcher/reciever who drew the flag click here.


Making intentional physical contact with an intended receiver after the ball has been thrown and before it has been touched by another player, in order to hinder or prevent him from catching a forward pass.


Spot of the foul. Ball is placed on the 1 yard line if the foul occurred in the endzone. Automatic first down.

2022 Stats

Totals By Referee/Crew

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 TotalPer Game
Adrian Hill17142133590.8212.530.180.290.53
Alex Kemp17102320370.5913.650.000.180.41
Bill Vinovich178994530.475.820.240.290.18
Brad Allen17121601660.719.410.060.350.35
Brad Rogers161732327101.0620.190.130.440.63
Carl Cheffers181734805120.9419.330.000.280.67
Clay Martin171832711171.0619.240.060.650.41
Clete Blakeman171729431161.0017.290.180.650.35
Craig Wrolstad17112162380.6512.710.120.180.47
Jerome Boger16121470480.759.
John Hussey17121544570.719.
Land Clark1681510530.509.440.000.310.19
Ron Torbert171932811091.1219.290.060.590.53
Scott Novak16152511780.9415.690.060.440.50
Shawn Hochuli171627911060.9416.410.060.590.35
Shawn Smith16152450780.9415.310.000.440.50
Tra Blake16121642750.7510.250.130.440.31