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Illegal Blindside Block


A defenseless player who receives a block when the blocker is moving toward, or parallel to, his own end line and approaches the opponent from behind or from the side.


15 yards

2012 Stats

Totals By Referee/Crew

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 TotalPer Game
Al Riveron13000000.
Bill Leavy12000000.
Bill Vinovich12000000.
Bruce Hermansen3000000.
Carl Cheffers121152010.
Clete Blakeman121150010.
David Scott3000000.
David White3000000.
Don King3000000.
Donovan Briggans3000000.
Ed Hochuli12000000.
Gene Steratore10000000.
Gerald Wright4000000.
Jeff Triplette12000000.
Jerome Boger13000000.
Jerry Frump3000000.
Jerry Hughes3000000.
Jim Core4000000.
John Parry12000000.
Kent Roan3000000.
Mike Carey12000000.
Mike Shepherd3000000.
Pete Morelli13000000.
Richard "Matt" Nicks3000000.
Robert Dalton3000000.
Robert Frazer4000000.
Ron Winter11000000.
Scott Green11160010.090.550.000.000.09
Terry McAulay132300110.152.310.000.080.08
Tony Corrente13000000.
Walt Anderson14000000.
Walt Coleman12000000.
Wayne Elliott3000000.