NFL Penalty Tracker

Illegal Shift


A player is not in motion but is not set before the snap; more than one player is in motion at the snap; or after more than one player was moving (shifting), all eleven players have not been motionless for one second.


5 yards

2021 Stats

Totals By Referee/Crew

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 TotalPer Game
Adrian Hill16002000.
Alex Kemp172100200.120.590.000.120.00
Bill Vinovich172100020.120.590.000.000.12
Brad Allen17290200.120.530.000.120.00
Brad Rogers16003000.
Carl Cheffers17271110.120.410.060.060.06
Clay Martin17001000.
Clete Blakeman17001000.
Craig Wrolstad17150100.
Jerome Boger172101020.120.590.060.000.12
John Hussey16000000.
Land Clark162100110.130.630.000.060.06
Ron Torbert19152010.
Scott Novak164202130.
Shawn Hochuli173151120.180.880.060.060.12
Shawn Smith174205310.
Tony Corrente16152100.060.310.130.060.00