NFL Penalty Tracker

Illegal Use of Hands


Illegal use of the hands against a player while attempting to ward off a block, cover a receiver, or tackle a ball carrier. There are several restrictions on how a player may initiate contact, such as hands to the facemask of the other player involved in the blocking.


10 yards if committed by offense; 5 yards and automatic first down if committed by defense

2021 Stats

Totals By Referee/Crew

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 TotalPer Game
Adrian Hill32100110.673.330.000.330.33
Alex Kemp21100010.505.
Bill Vinovich3000000.
Brad Allen2151100.502.500.500.500.00
Brad Rogers2000000.
Carl Cheffers2150100.502.500.000.500.00
Clay Martin2150100.502.500.000.500.00
Clete Blakeman3150010.331.670.000.000.33
Craig Wrolstad1000000.
Jerome Boger2001000.000.000.500.000.00
John Hussey3000000.
Land Clark2150010.502.500.000.000.50
Ron Torbert3002000.000.000.670.000.00
Scott Novak3000000.
Shawn Hochuli32151110.675.000.330.330.33
Shawn Smith3150100.331.670.000.330.00
Tony Corrente3000000.