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Personal Foul


A conduct- or safety-related infraction. Includes unnecessary roughness, such as hitting a ball carrier after he is already out of bounds, "piling on" a ball carrier who is already down, or violent contact with an opponent who is away from and out of the play. If the officials decide that the action was particularly flagrant, the player in question can be ejected from the game.

Caution: Many things people often think of as personal fouls are actually more specific penalties. This page only list things that officially went "in the books" as a Personal Foul. For example, though a ref may say "Personal Foul, Roughing the Passer" that penalty will not be on this page. It will be on the Roughing the Passer page.


15 yards; automatic first down if committed by defense

2015 Stats

Penalty Log

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AgainstBeneficiaryDatePlayerPosRef CrewWeekQuarterTimeDownDistanceYardageDeclinedOffsettingHomePhase
WashingtonMiami09/13/15M.MosesTWalt Coleman1411:082206NoNoYesOffense
BuffaloIndianapolis09/13/15J.HughesDEJohn Parry1102:5011015NoNoYesDefense
BuffaloIndianapolis09/13/15R.BrooksCBJohn Parry1309:340015NoNoYesSpecial Teams
BuffaloIndianapolis09/13/15P.BrownOLBJohn Parry1402:292515NoNoYesDefense
DetroitSan Diego09/13/15J.IhedigboSSClete Blakeman1208:152915NoNoNoDefense
TennesseeTampa Bay09/13/15J.CaseyDEJohn Hussey1200:131150NoYesNoDefense
CarolinaHouston09/20/15T.WilliamsDBClete Blakeman2113:5241615NoNoYesSpecial Teams
BuffaloNew England09/20/15D.WilliamsSSRon Torbert2101:4141914NoNoYesSpecial Teams
BuffaloNew England09/20/15C.GrahamCBRon Torbert2101:414190YesNoYesSpecial Teams
New OrleansTennessee11/08/15M.MautiLBJerome Boger9411:320015NoNoYesSpecial Teams
PittsburghCleveland11/15/15UnnamedRon Torbert10200:37000NoYesYesSpecial Teams
ClevelandPittsburgh11/15/15UnnamedRon Torbert10200:37000NoYesNoSpecial Teams
N.Y. GiantsWashington11/29/15UnnamedCarl Cheffers12300:241100NoYesNoDefense
WashingtonN.Y. Giants11/29/15T.WilliamsTCarl Cheffers12300:241100NoYesYesOffense
CincinnatiPittsburgh01/09/16A.JonesCBJohn Parry18400:1811015NoNoYesDefense