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Roughing the Passer


A defender continues an effort to tackle or "hit" a passer after the passer has already thrown a pass. A defender is allowed to take one step after the ball is thrown; a defender is penalized if he hits the passer having taken two or more steps after the ball leaves the passer's hand.


15 yards and an automatic first down

2015 Stats

Totals By Referee/Crew

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 TotalPer Game
Bill Vinovich162270200.131.690.000.130.00
Brad Allen152291020.131.930.070.000.13
Carl Cheffers1691170360.567.310.000.190.38
Clete Blakeman176840420.354.940.000.240.12
Craig Wrolstad16121580570.759.880.000.310.44
Ed Hochuli175750230.294.410.000.120.18
Gene Steratore163400120.192.500.000.060.13
Jeff Triplette15101180460.677.870.000.270.40
Jerome Boger1591070450.607.
John Hussey1471020070.507.
John Parry163450210.192.810.000.130.06
Pete Morelli155750230.335.
Ron Torbert162302110.131.880.130.060.06
Terry McAulay16101340640.638.380.000.380.25
Tony Corrente165750320.314.690.000.190.13
Walt Anderson145750320.365.360.000.210.14
Walt Coleman177841340.414.940.060.180.24