NFL Penalty Tracker

Trumaine Johnson

Birthday: 01/01/1990
Hometown: Stockton, CA
College: Montana
Height: 6-2"
Weight: 213 lbs.

2018 Penalty Log (New York Jets)

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Defensive Pass Interference09/10/2018Detroit1108:36110NoNo12No
Unsportsmanlike Conduct09/20/2018Cleveland3207:06310NoNo15No
Unnecessary Roughness09/20/2018Cleveland3206:27210NoYes0No
Face Mask (15 Yards)12/02/2018Tennessee13401:27110NoNo15No
Defensive Pass Interference12/23/2018Green Bay16507:54310NoNo33Yes

2018 Penalty Type Counts (New York Jets)

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NameCountPenalty YardsDeclinedOffsetHomeAwayHome/Away Diff
Unnecessary Roughness0001000
Defensive Pass Interference24500110
Face Mask (15 Yards)1150001-1
Unsportsmanlike Conduct1150001-1

Penalty Counts By Season

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SeasonTeamCountPenalty YardsDeclinedOffsetTotal FlagsHomeAway
2012St. Louis11000110
2013St. Louis85400835
2014St. Louis55310624
2015St. Louis32521615
2016LA Rams33201431
2017LA Rams48341963
2018N.Y. Jets47501514
2019N.Y. Jets44000422