NFL Penalty Tracker

Bill Vinovich & Crew

2022 Stats

These are penalties called by referee crews when Bill Vinovich was the head official.

By Penalty

Bill Vinovich and crew have officiated 17 games in 2022

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TotalPer Game
Delay of Game73443100.412.
Running Into the Kicker0000200.
Offensive Pass Interference33021000.181.760.
Neutral Zone Infraction31503000.180.880.
False Start281351117001.657.940.651.000.000.00
Defensive Offside125875600.713.410.410.290.350.00
Illegal Use of Hands0000100.
Intentional Grounding33412000.
Illegal Formation52532100.291.470.
Offensive Holding3029412181111.7617.290.711.060.650.06
Defensive Holding94118700.532.410.060.470.410.00
Defensive Too Many Men on Field72334100.411.350.
Horse Collar Tackle21920000.
Offensive Too Many Men on Field2920000.120.530.
Defensive Pass Interference89953310.475.820.
Unnecessary Roughness88644000.475.
Illegal Kick/Kicking Loose Ball0000100.
Roughing the Passer45322000.
Ineligible Downfield Pass1510200.
Offside on Free Kick21011000.120.590.
Illegal Shift21002100.120.590.
Illegal Touch Kick0000100.
Illegal Blindside Block11001000.060.590.
Face Mask11510000.060.880.
Illegal Contact21011000.120.590.
Roughing the Kicker11510000.060.880.
Player Out of Bounds on Kick1501000.
Illegal Motion0000100.
Illegal Touch Pass0000100.
Illegal Forward Pass1501000.