Tight End


By Penalty

Penalties commited by players playing the Tight End position during the 2010 season.

Offensive Holding84829513322
Illegal Formation8403550
False Start81393423910
Illegal Touch Pass3152100
Offensive Pass Interference23229111261
Illegal Block Above the Waist9884520
Illegal Motion4203110
Low Block1151000
Offensive 12 On-field151000
Ineligible Downfield Pass150100
Unnecessary Roughness3371200
Illegal Crackback3453000
Unsportsmanlike Conduct2302001
Face Mask (15 Yards)4602200
Illegal Bat1100100
Delay of Game150100
Illegal Shift150110
Chop Block1151000
Illegal Use of Hands1100100
Personal Foul1151000
Offensive Offside1101000
Neutral Zone Infraction150100
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