NFL Penalty Tracker

Defensive Pass Interference


Making intentional physical contact with an intended receiver after the ball has been thrown and before it has been touched by another player, in order to hinder or prevent him from catching a forward pass.


Spot of the foul. Ball is placed on the 1 yard line if the foul occurred in the endzone. Automatic first down.

2021 Stats

Totals By Referee/Crew

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 TotalPer Game
Adrian Hill37750252.3325.000.000.671.67
Alex Kemp24570222.0028.500.001.001.00
Bill Vinovich33500121.0016.670.000.330.67
Brad Allen23220121.5011.000.000.501.00
Brad Rogers23560121.5028.000.000.501.00
Carl Cheffers35610321.6720.330.001.000.67
Clay Martin33790211.0026.330.000.670.33
Clete Blakeman32240020.678.
Craig Wrolstad21160010.508.
Jerome Boger361380422.0046.000.001.330.67
John Hussey33460121.0015.330.000.330.67
Land Clark33640031.0021.330.000.001.00
Ron Torbert33590121.0019.670.000.330.67
Scott Novak36930242.0031.000.000.671.33
Shawn Hochuli36790512.0026.330.001.670.33
Shawn Smith32410020.6713.670.000.000.67
Tony Corrente34380131.3312.670.000.331.00