Invalid Fair Catch Signal


Valid Fair-Catch Signal: A fair-catch signal is valid if it is made while the kick is in flight by a player who fully extends one arm above his helmet and waves it from side to side. A receiver is permitted to legally raise his hand(s) to his helmet to shield his eyes from the sun, but is not permitted to raise them above his helmet except to signal for a fair catch. If a player raises his hand(s) above his shoulder(s) in any other manner, it is an invalid fair-catch signal.


5 yards from spot of signal.

2011 Stats

Penalty Log

San DiegoN.Y. Jets10/23/11P.CraytonWR7414:544225NoNoNoSpecial Teams
San FranciscoWashington11/06/11V.DavisTE9401:10005NoNoNoSpecial Teams
N.Y. GiantsSan Francisco01/22/12W.BlackmonDB20205:37465NoNoNoSpecial Teams
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