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Player Out of Bounds on Kick


Prior to the ball being touched by the receiving team or the end of the kick, it is a foul if a kicking team player voluntarily goes out of bounds (without being contacted by a receiving team player) to avoid a block.


5 yards

2019 Stats

Penalty Log

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AgainstBeneficiaryDatePlayerPosRef CrewWeekQuarterTimeDownDistanceYardageDeclinedOffsettingHomePhase
Green BayChicago09/05/19T.BrownDBTony Corrente1108:044175NoNoNoSpecial Teams
CincinnatiPittsburgh09/30/19B.WilsonDBBill Vinovich4305:384295NoNoNoSpecial Teams
DenverCleveland11/03/19J.WinfreeWRBill Vinovich9100:224145NoNoYesSpecial Teams
IndianapolisMiami11/10/19A.DulinWRClay Martin10314:12485NoNoYesSpecial Teams
PittsburghCincinnati11/24/19J.LayneCBAdrian Hill12200:514125NoNoNoSpecial Teams