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Defensive Offside


A player is on the wrong side of the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped. If a defender jumps across the line but gets back to his side before the snap, there is no foul. In the case of a foul, play is not stopped, and the foul is announced at the conclusion of the play.


5 yards

2019 Stats

Totals By Referee/Crew

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 TotalPer Game
Adrian Hill15156965101.004.600.400.330.67
Alex Kemp1511518560.733.400.530.330.40
Bill Vinovich175255410.291.470.290.240.06
Brad Allen156304510.402.000.270.330.07
Brad Rogers156205240.401.330.330.130.27
Carl Cheffers1611554830.693.440.250.500.19
Clay Martin157355250.472.330.330.130.33
Clete Blakeman1610424550.632.630.250.310.31
Craig Wrolstad1510506550.673.330.400.330.33
Jerome Boger154162220.
John Hussey17146051040.823.530.290.590.24
Ron Torbert1510494460.673.
Scott Novak153152210.
Shawn Hochuli158366530.532.400.400.330.20
Shawn Smith17268110.120.350.470.060.06
Tony Corrente179402360.532.350.120.180.35
Walt Anderson17188541171.