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False Start


It is a False Start if the ball has been placed ready for play, and, prior to the snap, an offensive player who has assumed a set position charges or moves in such a way as to simulate the start of a play, or if an offensive player who is in motion makes a sudden movement toward the line of scrimmage. Any quick abrupt movement by a single offensive player, or by several offensive players in unison, which simulates the start of the snap, is a false start. Exceptions: This does not apply to an offensive player under the center who turns his head or shoulders, unless the movement is an obvious attempt to draw an opponent offside.


Loss of five yards from the line of scrimmage. The foul is enforced prior to the snap.

2013 Stats

Totals By Referee/Crew

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 TotalPer Game
Bill Leavy1635172021142.1910.750.001.310.88
Bill Vinovich1631155016151.949.690.001.000.94
Carl Cheffers1628141012161.758.810.000.751.00
Clete Blakeman1628130018101.758.
Ed Hochuli1638183118202.3811.440.061.131.25
Gene Steratore1634157022122.139.810.001.380.75
Jeff Triplette1636179021152.2511.190.001.310.94
Jerome Boger1536174016202.4011.600.001.071.33
John Parry1527134014131.808.930.000.930.87
Mike Carey152712718191.808.470.070.531.27
Pete Morelli162010001371.
Ron Winter1535171018172.3311.400.001.201.13
Scott Green1535171017182.3311.400.001.131.20
Terry McAulay1724118014101.416.940.000.820.59
Tony Corrente16188801171.135.500.000.690.44
Walt Anderson1638184017212.3811.500.001.061.31
Walt Coleman1540194019212.6712.930.001.271.40