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Personal Foul


A conduct- or safety-related infraction. Includes unnecessary roughness, such as hitting a ball carrier after he is already out of bounds, "piling on" a ball carrier who is already down, or violent contact with an opponent who is away from and out of the play. If the officials decide that the action was particularly flagrant, the player in question can be ejected from the game.

Caution: Many things people often think of as personal fouls are actually more specific penalties. This page only list things that officially went "in the books" as a Personal Foul. For example, though a ref may say "Personal Foul, Roughing the Passer" that penalty will not be on this page. It will be on the Roughing the Passer page.


15 yards; automatic first down if committed by defense

2013 Stats

Totals By Referee/Crew

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 TotalPer Game
Bill Leavy164602040.253.750.130.000.25
Bill Vinovich16111480470.699.
Carl Cheffers163450030.192.810.000.000.19
Clete Blakeman165670230.314.
Ed Hochuli163450120.192.810.000.060.13
Gene Steratore164601220.253.750.060.130.13
Jeff Triplette1681161350.507.
Jerome Boger156790240.405.
John Parry15101340640.678.930.000.400.27
Mike Carey152230110.131.530.000.070.07
Pete Morelli162300110.131.880.000.060.06
Ron Winter153290210.201.930.000.130.07
Scott Green155623410.334.
Terry McAulay171150010.060.880.000.000.06
Tony Corrente162300020.131.880.000.000.13
Walt Anderson161150010.060.940.000.000.06
Walt Coleman1591262450.608.400.130.270.33