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Colin Kaepernick

Position: Quarterback
Number: 7
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Birthday: 11/03/1987
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
College: Nevada
Height: 6-4"
Weight: 230 lbs.

2013 Penalty Log (San Francisco 49ers)

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Delay of Game09/08/2013Green Bay1207:18312NoNo5Yes
Delay of Game09/15/2013Seattle2105:31311NoNo5No
Face Mask (15 Yards)11/10/2013Carolina10212:33110YesNo0Yes
Delay of Game11/10/2013Carolina10206:2141NoNo5Yes
Delay of Game11/17/2013New Orleans11208:32213NoNo5No
Delay of Game11/25/2013Washington12411:1042NoNo5No
Delay of Game12/15/2013Tampa Bay15110:3133NoNo5No
Delay of Game12/29/2013Arizona17400:18110NoNo5No
Delay of Game01/19/2014SeattleDivisional Playoffs410:3831NoNo5No

2013 Penalty Type Counts (San Francisco 49ers)

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NameCountPenalty YardsDeclinedOffsetHomeAwayHome/Away Diff
Face Mask (15 Yards)0010000
Delay of Game8400026-4

Penalty Counts By Season

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SeasonTeamCountPenalty YardsDeclinedOffsetTotal FlagsHomeAway
2012San Francisco65200615
2013San Francisco84010936
2014San Francisco73300743
2015San Francisco31500321
2016San Francisco1500101