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Deebo Samuel

Position: Wide Receiver
Number: 19
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Birthday: 01/15/1996
Hometown: Inman, SC
College: South Carolina
Height: 72"
Weight: 215 lbs.

2019 Penalty Log (San Francisco 49ers)

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False Start09/08/2019Tampa Bay1411:05110NoNo5No
Face Mask (15 Yards)10/13/2019LA Rams6212:4231NoNo15No
Offensive Pass Interference10/27/2019Carolina8101:2121NoNo10Yes
False Start10/31/2019Arizona9110:5037NoNo5No
Offensive Holding11/17/2019Arizona11309:35110NoNo10Yes
Illegal Block Above the Waist12/08/2019New Orleans14300:1725NoNo10No
False Start01/11/2020MinnesotaDivisional Playoffs212:0337NoNo5Yes

2019 Penalty Type Counts (San Francisco 49ers)

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NameCountPenalty YardsDeclinedOffsetHomeAwayHome/Away Diff
False Start3150012-1
Face Mask (15 Yards)1150001-1
Offensive Pass Interference11000101
Offensive Holding11000101
Illegal Block Above the Waist1100001-1

Penalty Counts By Season

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SeasonTeamCountPenalty YardsDeclinedOffsetTotal FlagsHomeAway
2019San Francisco76000734
2021San Francisco11000110