Trey Flowers

2019 - Detroit Lions

Position: Defensive Line / Defensive End
Number: 90
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Birthday: 08/16/1993
Hometown: Huntsville, AL
College: Arkansas
Height: 6'2""
Weight: 265 lbs.

Penalty Log

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Face Mask (15 Yards)09/08/2019Arizona1400:5219NoNo5No
Neutral Zone Infraction09/22/2019Philadelphia3114:2733NoNo5No
Roughing the Passer09/22/2019Philadelphia3408:2837NoNo12No
Illegal Use of Hands10/14/2019Green Bay6410:16310NoNo5No
Illegal Use of Hands10/14/2019Green Bay6401:4534NoNo5No
Defensive Holding11/10/2019Chicago10201:32110NoNo4No

Penalty Counts

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NameCountYards LostDeclinedOffsetHomeAwayHome/Away Diff
Face Mask (15 Yards)150001-1
Roughing the Passer1120001-1
Illegal Use of Hands2100002-2
Defensive Holding140001-1
Neutral Zone Infraction150001-1
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