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Julian Edelman

Position: Wide Receiver
Number: 11
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Birthday: 05/22/1986
Hometown: Redwood City, CA
College: Kent State
Height: 5-10"
Weight: 200 lbs.

2019 Penalty Log (New England Patriots)

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False Start10/06/2019Washington5103:1234NoNo5No
Offensive Holding10/10/2019N.Y. Giants6307:3724NoNo10Yes
Illegal Block Above the Waist10/21/2019N.Y. Jets7212:1114NoNo10No
Illegal Block Above the Waist12/01/2019Houston13205:43110NoNo10No
Offensive Pass Interference12/01/2019Houston13302:36110NoNo10No
False Start12/15/2019Cincinnati15215:0033NoNo5No
Offensive Pass Interference12/21/2019Buffalo16310:5028NoNo10Yes

2019 Penalty Type Counts (New England Patriots)

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NameCountPenalty YardsDeclinedOffsetHomeAwayHome/Away Diff
False Start2100002-2
Offensive Pass Interference22000110
Offensive Holding11000101
Illegal Block Above the Waist2200002-2

Penalty Counts By Season

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SeasonTeamCountPenalty YardsDeclinedOffsetTotal FlagsHomeAway
2011New England11020312
2012New England21500202
2013New England32000312
2014New England1500101
2015New England32500303
2016New England32510431
2018New England74601853
2019New England76000725