Wide Receiver


By Penalty

Penalties commited by players playing the Wide Receiver position during the 2012 season.

Offensive Pass Interference55537282721
Offensive Holding36340191710
Unnecessary Roughness6853301
Illegal Cut000010
False Start59290302910
Illegal Block Above the Waist1716112510
Illegal Motion7355210
Personal Foul3421202
Unsportsmanlike Conduct5752321
Face Mask (15 Yards)3351200
Offside on Free Kick3151200
Illegal Touch Pass5253241
Illegal Formation7354320
Illegal Crackback3291200
Illegal Shift4202220
Player Out of Bounds on Punt4203100
Defensive Offside151000
Offensive Offside2101100
Illegal Blindside Block2301100
Running Into the Kicker000010
Fair Catch Interference1150100
Offensive 12 On-field151000
Illegal Touch Kick251100
Defensive Pass Interference000010
Invalid Fair Catch Signal151000
Delay of Game150100
Illegal Bat1100110
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